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  • I live in New England and walk my dogs daily in the woods. In spring and summer, the flying bugs are very annoying. These nets rock. Wear them over a hat or cap or just on your head. They do prevent some airflow and can get a bit warm in full sun.

    Y***a on Aug 30, 2021

  • This is a very nice net mesh for keeping out annoying insects. It's well made, comfortable, easily breathable, and easy to see through. You won't have a hard time breathing or seeing. You can wear it with or without a hat; it's up to you, although I recommend wearing it with a hat. It comes with its own bag, so you can easily fold it up and carry it wherever. I should've bought one of these a long time ago. Now I can go outside without mosquitoes swarming my face. This is a must-buy for keeping bugs out of your face!

    H***y on Nov 25, 2021

  • This durable and easy-to-use net goes right over my boonie hat to make a very comfortable assembly. I leave them together like that to put on before going out into the yard to hand water the plants during the worst of the mosquito season, which seems to last a month or two here. It's so nice to calmly water the plants and see the mosquitoes trying to get at my face!

    M***m on Aug 03, 2021

  • I will NEVER go on hikes without this product again. Not only does it come in a convenient little bag to attach to your hiking pack/backpack, the length is great and covers your head, neck, and shoulders. I wore mine on a trip to Alaska in summer and anyone who has been there knows the mosquitos are downright abysmal at that time of year. You can't stop walking or you'll have 4 or 5 mosquitos landing on your face! I wore this net and left Alaska with no mosquito bites on my head or shoulders and no irritation from having to constantly knock mosquitos away from my ears. Don't go to Alaska without considering this product! I had multiple people comment and ask about mine.

    L***m on Nov 10, 2021

  • This is a life saver. I have a really bad reaction to bug bites and this net protects me completely. The net comfortably accommodates my very wide brimmed hat and thus the net is kept well away from my face and neck by the brim but still reaches lower than my neck line. The bugs (even the tiniest) have no chance to get through at all. I did spray repellent on the back of the net plus because I use it for gardening/lawn mowing. I used a few safety pins to fasten it to my shirt at the back to prevent it being lifted up by the wind. It is made of nice, soft, lightweight material. Highly recommend!

    B***n on Aug 19, 2021

  • These nets do exactly what they’re supposed to do. Fit comfortably on my bare head as well as under a large sun hat. The drawstring closures work great and I felt fully protected. Visibility while wearing the net is pretty good, the mesh is very fine and I had no problem wearing it on a 5 mile hike in the mountains. The storage bags it comes in are a bonus, and the net fits nicely in it. Definitely worth buying!

    N***l on Nov 14, 2021

  • Up in Michigan, during the summer, the mosquitos and flies are horrible when you're out in the woods. I use it whenever I'm out, but especially when I go running. No, it does not impede my vision or my ability to breathe. The only thing it impedes are the flying critters that want to bite me. It’s easy to clean and works well.

    J***a on Nov 19, 2021

  • I bought this head net for a trip to North Iceland. The area around Lake Myvatn is known for having tons of flies in the summer months. (Which is unfortunate, because otherwise it's gorgeous and there's tons of interesting stuff to see there!) I ended up only needing a net for one place, but I was glad to have it! The flies were awful and kept going for my eyes and mouth. Put this thing on, and I became the only person on the trail NOT swatting at bugs as I walked! I had several people comment they wished they'd thought of that or wished they had one. It folds up tiny and in its own little bag. Super light. I'm throwing it in every hiking pack I use in the future, because I've been swarmed by mosquitoes and flies up north before, and this would really help!

    A***a on Oct 25, 2021

  • I bought the head net mesh to go over sun hats for my grandsons, the mosquito population had made being outside in the nice weather impossible. The net fits adult and child size hats, and the color is not obnoxious to see through. This is a good product and the storage bag is a real plus, I have ordered more for visitors to wear while here.

    S***m on Sep 26, 2021

  • I have been using this product while working in my vegetable garden which is plagued with gnats and the occasional mosquito. The netting is very effective. I can see the gnats at times swarming around my face, yet foiled from reaching my skin. The only drawback about the netting that I have noticed is that it is a bit short to fit over my broad brimmed sun hat. However, I have pulled the net down in front and raised it in back and have not noticed any problem with the net saving me from insects. I am pleased with the head net. I like the small drawstring bag it comes in and think it will be handy to store the net for use on hikes.

    B***y on Sep 24, 2021

  • Does the job, works over any hat (wide or narrow brimmed). Slight complaint: even with a long brimmed baseball hat, the mesh pulls into my nose and face a bit which is irritating, not held away from the skin as I'd hoped. Not sure why, maybe I need to try wearing it in different ways. But it does keep the bugs off.

    H***y on Jul 12, 2021

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