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  • Really great quality - the material is thick and durable.

    K***n on Jul 22, 2021

  • Very nice quality storage bag - used for a sewing kit in our home.

    H***h on Oct 02, 2021

  • This looks great and is the perfect size, I swap it out in my various tote shoulder bags

    A***x on Aug 30, 2021

  • Love this pouch, it is super high quality, well made beautiful fabric

    J***b on Jul 25, 2021

  • Used it as a gift for a friend. I wanted to keep it.

    D***d on Oct 23, 2021

  • LOVE these bags!!

    M***t on Aug 19, 2021

  • Bags are sturdy and well made.

    P***p on Nov 03, 2021

  • A bit expensive for a small bag but ordered as a gift to personalize and it worked out nicely.

    R***l on Jul 14, 2021

  • Highly recommend it!!!! Made of high quality materials.

    S***h on Nov 06, 2021

  • This bag is amazing.

    E***a on Dec 20, 2021

  • Works perfectly to hold my smaller medical tools for work.

    O***r on Oct 30, 2021

  • This canvas bag is great. A little bigger than what I was anticipating but I was able to fully load this up with my various wires for my cell phones. Great purchase

    L***n on Jul 16, 2021

  • Great buy, thinking about another.

    J***a on Oct 28, 2021

  • This bag literally holds everything I need for my makeup, including more!

    S***a on Jul 31, 2021

  • I bought this as an essential pouch to use in my carry on bag. It fits my needs perfectly.

    B***t on Aug 31, 2021

  • This is a very sturdy purse. It's not quite as large as I had expected but it is able to fulfill all of my cosmetic needs.

    P***a on Oct 23, 2021

  • It's perfect. Need to find a bag to hold all the makeup I DO USE haha. This was just it!

    C***e on Nov 04, 2021

  • These things are huge. They’re thick and the zippers are heavy duty. They work for makeup and toiletries or for electronics and charging cords.

    T***s on Jan 05, 2022

  • This is a nice bag. Good size and quality materials. Looks like it will hold up for a while. I purchased these to organize mine and my son's items in my purse.

    N***l on Oct 20, 2021

  • Finally a big enough makeup travel bag for my skincare and makeup needs!!! I could not be happier

    A***n on Jan 03, 2022

  • Nice bag, just the size I wanted to put my sunscreen/beach necessities (minus the towel) in.

    E***r on Nov 30, 2021

  • Love this bag. It's large enough to hold all makeup, toiletries, even hair brushes and comb. I frequently travel visiting family and this perfectly serves my needs.

    V***t on Sep 04, 2021

  • Wouldn’t mind if it was a tiny bit bigger but it’s held up for a while and I’m very pleased with this bag. I’ve had tons of terrible toiletry bags but this one is great.

    D***a on Oct 21, 2021

  • Great high quality product with a heavy duty zipper! This bag will still be here when I’ve turned to dust!

    C***y on Jul 22, 2021

  • I absolutely love this bag!! It can hold a ton and is made so well!! I will definitely buy more of these!! Great price and product!

    S***n on Aug 28, 2021

  • I really like these bags. They are thick and studious, and very roomy. I also really like the minimalist design of them. For the price, they were a great find!

    A***y on Oct 31, 2021

  • I use these to carry art supplies when travelling. These are well made and have good heavy duty zippers. I have not had any problems with the zipper freezing or getting stuck.

    G***t on Jul 23, 2021

  • I needed a makeup bag that was discreet since sometimes I run late and have to do my makeup when I get to the office. This bag is large enough to hold all of my makeup

    J***s on Nov 17, 2021

  • I wasn't sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by this bag. It is a great size for a general make-up collection. The bag is also cute and durable.

    M***n on Dec 13, 2021

  • Really nice quality material! Durable and sturdy. Was impressed when it arrived as it was better than what I was expecting. Can use it as a travel case or makeup case. I highly recommend it!

    T***y on Sep 14, 2021

  • I bought these to use as makeup bags. They are a great size and very durable. Only thing I didn’t like was the color. Not what I was expected, but the quality is nice

    K***y on Aug 28, 2021

  • Absolutely love this bag. Good sturdy canvas like material. Fits all the items needed to go out in public during this public health crisis such as masks,gloves,sanitizers and a couple of spray bottles of disinfectants. Everything fits perfectly!

    N***e on Oct 24, 2021

  • Very trendy, cool looking bag. Perfect for makeup. I bought one for one daughter and when it came in I ended up ordering two more. I got another for myself and one for my other daughter. Well made. Definitely recommend.

    L***n on Nov 30, 2021

  • The material feels so nice. It's a good bag honestly. I spilled beef juice on it but was able to easily get the smell out by blotting with alcohol and letting it air dry. Easy clean up! Still going strong

    P***a on Oct 08, 2021

  • A good makeup bag is hard to find. So many of them are tacky and or trying too hard to be trendy in a way that I don’t like. This makeup bag is well-made. The zipper is sturdy. The fabric is good.

    I***a on Jul 17, 2021

  • I love the size of this makeup bag. It’s pretty and it’s durable and does not show the dirt. Thinking of getting each of my adult kids one for a travel bag. Tired of them always forgetting their toiletries while traveling with me.

    O***a on Dec 29, 2021

  • These were some of the best minimalist toiletry bags I ever purchased. The canvas material is sturdy and appealing. They are very roomy and durable. After around a year the zipper did break on one. I will definitely be purchasing again!

    W***m on Nov 16, 2021

  • The bag is very well made. it's a thick, high-quality canvas and zip; it doesn't feel cheap by any means. The size is amazing. Overall, it's a very good bag for someone that has a decent amount of makeup and doesn't want a loud pattern or color.

    J***y on Sep 29, 2021

  • I've watched my daughter carry this around as her makeup bag for a year in envy. Simple & Classic design. Large capacity. Very sturdy. and when I went to buy my own, the price was great! Sometimes the price makes you hesitant thinking it's too cheap. Truth is this bag is very well made and I love that I have my own now.

    A***s on Nov 13, 2021

  • Exactly what I was looking for. A large and simple makeup bag to keep around my house and travel with. I like keeping all my makeup in one place and still have easy access, this bag allows me just that. I haven’t had it for a long but so far, so good. It is really big, even bigger than I anticipated but I’m glad. It fits so much.

    H***d on Aug 28, 2021

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