Citrus Essential Oil Blend

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  • Fantastic Fresh Picked Citrus!!! My all time favorite. Bright, cheery, and it just makes me happy:)

    F***s on Sep 25, 2021

  • Not my favorite aroma when diffusing. It is ok just not what I hoped which was disappointing since I love citrus! Planning to experiment and see if adding to it is more pleasing. That is the beauty of everyone being different!

    D***d on Oct 18, 2021

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE! Smells amazing, makes the house smell so good and brightens up the mood. I love it for rainy or cloudy days.

    E***d on Aug 09, 2021

  • I absolutely love this blend. I use this in my sugar scrubs and soaps and love the scent!

    D***a on Dec 07, 2021

  • I use it mostly in the car. It is very refreshing to smell while I'm driving.

    J***a on Jan 01, 2022

  • Great combination of freshness and clean, it helps me get motivated to do some house work. One of my favorite smells

    F***e on Nov 06, 2021

  • One of the best blends out there. LOVE LOVE the aroma!! Would give ten stars if I could.

    L***y on Jul 20, 2021

  • I absolutely love the scent of citrus. Perfect for my natural cleaning items i make and use. Love love this in toilet bombs!

    R***l on Aug 22, 2021

  • I'm not a big citrus fan but this blend makes a wonderful room spray. I also like to diffuse it to freshen the air in the house.

    O***r on Oct 12, 2021

  • I love citrus burst! It’s such a bright and happy blend. Great combo of citrus oils. It smells wonderful. It’s great to diffuse or to add a nice scent boost when cleaning.

    V***a on Aug 07, 2021

  • A wonderful fresh, citrus blend that is great for diffusing and using in your DIY's. A great way to uplift your mood, it's like a burst of sunshine in your home.

    N***n on Jul 30, 2021

  • Just got this in my latest order. Smells amazing. Fresh crisp citrus smell but also sweet. Nice to diffuse for smell and energy. I’m adding it to my cleaning products next.

    A***x on Oct 15, 2021

  • One of my favorites, this is Sunshine and summer in a bottle. You can smell the orange, lemon,& grapefruit so if you like Citrus this is the one. It is just an overall wonderful smell, that you can enjoy anytime.

    G***e on Aug 12, 2021

  • This is one of my favorite essential oils to diffuse in the kitchen. It is bright and citrusy, and saves me from having to grab multiple bottles of citrus oils. I have not used it this way yet, but it would make a great addition to a cleaner.

    H***d on Dec 29, 2021

  • My favorite blend! I love all things citrus so this is perfect for me! So refreshing and great to mix with other oils to give the house a calming scent! I mix this with the deodorizer blend or with some lavender and peppermint!

    T***s on Jul 08, 2021

  • This oil is excellent for dropping a few drops in your mop head to clean the floors! It’s so fresh and clean and feels bright! Mix this with orange or lemon for an even stronger fragrance! We also diffuse this oil when we all need some cheering up! The entire house smells amazing!!!! Will definitely be buying more of this in the future!!

    R***a on Dec 27, 2021

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