Dark Grey Women’s Block-Cut Sunglasses

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  • Great product for the price! I’m very happy with the style, packaging.

    J***a on Sep 28, 2021

  • These are great for those days🔆💕

    T***y on Sep 19, 2021

  • For this price, SO worth it.

    R***l on Oct 19, 2021

  • Seriously, Stop reading and buy them! These sunnies are fantastic.

    P***a on Dec 26, 2021

  • Pretty nice glasses, but they don’t really look like I expected. They are still very pretty and they are very large classes. More fashionable than eye protection but I still use them.

    N***e on Aug 18, 2021

  • I was surprised how nice these sunglasses were

    M***a on Aug 24, 2021

  • I loved these so much I purchased two more pairs!

    J***n on Nov 16, 2021

  • These are great. My favorite oversized sunglasses.

    T***r on Sep 23, 2021

  • I’m only taking away one star because I have a weird reason that I didn’t like these. They’re TOO big for my face

    O***a on Dec 14, 2021

  • I’ve had these for just over a week. I have zero complaints.

    V***t on Sep 19, 2021

  • These glasses fully shade your eyes, without being too dark. They fit well and don't slip. They don't seem to fog as much when wearing a mask.

    R***y on Aug 23, 2021

  • These sunglasses are fabulous. They are well priced for a “fancy” looking pair of sunglasses.

    J***e on Jan 04, 2022

  • These are my favorite sunglasses! I am a sunglasses collector and these are my favorite out of my whole collection.

    M***t on Oct 28, 2021

  • Was worried the low price was an indicator of a bad product but they were so cute that I had to see for myself. I love them!

    G***a on Jul 10, 2021

  • These are my wife's favorite sunglasses. We are impressed by the quality and style at this cost.

    D***d on Sep 11, 2021

  • I love these so much, and I get tons of compliments on them. They seem to be well built and the price is very reasonable.

    S***n on Nov 13, 2021

  • I have extension lashes (12” long) I can’t wear most sunglasses due to the lashes it will touch the lens. This pair is perfect. It won’t get lashes and is lightweight. So fit and comfortable. I love it.

    A***x on Sep 27, 2021

  • So I got these for my wife for Mothers Day. She is very tough on sunglasses so we order a few to many each year. For the price and sun protection they are fantastic. They seem to have a great build quality and wear well.

    N***l on Jul 31, 2021

  • My eyes are very sensitive & need as much sun protection as they can get... These light weight, oversized sunglasses are the perfect pair to wear with the most beautiful pattern on them that goes with everything! I’m very happy with this purchase & believe they’re a great deal; the value of these are worth it for my budget!! These are my everyday glasses from the beach to any outdoor gathering! You’ll love them!!!

    A***a on Sep 16, 2021

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