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  • The product looks very small, but unfolded, it easily fit around me fully clothed - with additional room. (I weigh 290 pounds and am six foot two inches.) Once used, I feared it would not be easily put back into the accompanying stuff bag. I feared for no reason because I put it back into the bag with no problem. We purchased 4 so we could have one for each of us. I do not regret the purchase.

    O***a on Jan 05, 2022

  • I purchased the emergency sleeping bag as a back up thinking that I would not need it during my backpacking trip. At night the actual temperature was colder than I expected and my 20° sleeping bag was not keeping me warm. After shivering for a while I decided to pull the sleeping bag out of its package and then I extended it on top of my sleeping bag. I started to feel warm immediately. It was a great feeling to be able to sleep warm. Get one of these and forget about expensive sleeping bags that promise to work at low temperatures.

    E***e on Oct 23, 2021

  • Right after I bought this bag I put it to the test. The first time staying out in 15 degree weather in the middle of the woods I put my trust in this bag and it delivered period.

    G***o on Jan 13, 2022

  • Everyone got it, all as in the description.

    O***a on Jul 29, 2021

  • Very well consistent with the photo is still more a survival cover

    D***d on Oct 29, 2021

  • Merciii. Very happy. I'll recommend it.

    L***A on Aug 16, 2021

  • Arrived today,I'm very satisfied,

    P***' on Oct 07, 2021

  • Super fast delivery, object ok

    Customer on Sep 27, 2021

  • Seller to recommend thank you!

    K***a on Nov 17, 2021

  • Great piece, small, in a comfortable pouch

    F***s on Aug 12, 2021

  • Arrived today,I'm very satisfied,

    M***q on Nov 11, 2021

  • Didn’t take it out but looks good

    A***q on Sep 28, 2021

  • Perfect shipping status and Of great quality. Good seller, recommend

    B***o on Oct 01, 2021

  • Product was just as described. The shipping was also timely, came before the expected delivery date.

    K***d on Nov 03, 2021

  • Delivery fast, packed and assembled very well.

    H***d on Aug 08, 2021

  • The product is as they describe it, I haven't tried it yet, so I don't know if it works.

    F***s on Oct 03, 2021

  • Excellent value for money

    G***e on Dec 13, 2021

  • Everything is fine, the product is satisfied, fast delivery

    H***d on Aug 10, 2021

  • Very good product, very good seller, fast shipping, highly recommended.

    G***c on Sep 29, 2021

  • It looks great, but I'm in another country now and I can't use it. I'll add the review in six months.

    P***d on Oct 10, 2021

  • As expected. Product is very light and small. Easy to carry around. Short delivery time, thank you.

    F***s on Aug 13, 2021

  • The item received. corresponds to the description.

    H***s on Oct 24, 2021

  • Everything is fine, the product is satisfied, fast delivery

    F***e on Dec 29, 2021

  • I hope I never need it :o) Thanks to the seller!

    H***l on Dec 25, 2021

  • accurate. as described. nice carry bag

    K***w on Nov 23, 2021

  • This product is great. Arrived on time and in perfect condition. Unpacking it I found exactly what I expected- a space blanket. For an experienced survivalist like myself, this was exactly what I needed for the just-in-case. For folks that expect to use it regularly for extra warmth, you're packing the wrong gear and this bag won't last a lifetime. Very pleased!

    K***s on Aug 20, 2021

  • I can't speak as to the size or how comfortable since I've never used one. But, I trust these bags because I've heard so many good things about them. I don't have room for a sleeping bag in my car but I have room for this compact bag. If my car ever breaks down away from home and it's cold I have confidence that this bag will help me survive until help arrives. And while I can't drag a full sized sleeping bag everywhere I go, this compact bag does not take up much room in my go-bag and it's not heavy at all. I am a repeat customer and have bought several of these. I will continue buying them - that is how much I trust them.

    K***o on Oct 18, 2021

  • Never know when you are going to get stranded in the middle of nowhere. I bought it to shove in my daypack in case I ever get stuck out unexpectedly overnight. Considering getting a couple more for the car and truck. Hopefully I will never need to use it, but it looks to be everything advertised. Although it is a little heavier than the old mylar space blankets, I knew that before I bought it and was willing to accept a couple extra ounces for the sake of better durability and because the bivy concept should provide better overall heat retention than the old space blankets. Arrived well-packed and was shipped promptly.

    K***e on Oct 04, 2021

  • I recently received my sleeping bag. I took it on a camping trip and decided to use it just to test out the material make up of this product and whether or not it can insulate me like the manufacturer says it can. Let me tell you this product did not disappoint me at all. I really tugged hard on it trying to tear the material and it just would not tear. Keep it mind that I did not use any type of sharp devices like a knife. Before repacking the bivy when I reached home I wanted to clean it so I shot it down with some water and I looked to see if the material was weatherproof and yes it is. No leaks whatsoever. Would I recommend this to a friend? You bet I would. Stores neatly and is compact. At this price I’m buying me a few more to keep in my car and my wife’s car as well.

    F***d on Dec 01, 2021

  • Put one of these in my 12yr old hunting pack and one in mine, good extra measure of security when on your own, would be good in cold country to have in the vehicle as well. This could make the difference between being saved and a body recovery. Several times better than a standard emergency space blanket. Yes I like it, yes I will get several more as they are that nice....and make me feel that secure.

    L***c on Jul 31, 2021

  • Great quality. Perfect for emergency situations - keeping it in the glovebox. Great to take camping also.

    H***k on Nov 12, 2021

  • I work mids and often need a nap on my lunch break. This emergency blanket keeps me warm and is easy to roll back up. It’s durable enough to be used night after night. Once it’s rolled up, it can fit anywhere in your car.

    J***s on Aug 30, 2021

  • To be fair, this appears to be a great product for its intended purpose. I am a backpacker always looking to lower my total gear weight and I hoped to "repurpose" this item to my needs. I had hoped I would be able to replace the sleeping bag liner I carry in my winter gear with this lighter item. This would surely work for a handful of trips, but I don't think it would necessarily be durable enough for extended regular use. This is, as the description suggests, an EMERGENCY BIVY. To that end, I think it is an excellent item, it just won't work for my use.

    P***z on Sep 28, 2021

  • This emergency bivy could definitely be a life saver. It is lightweight and compact and won't take up much room in a pack. I plan to keep it in my hunting pack at all times. Like my emergency medical supplies, and bear spray, its something I hope I'll never have to use, but if I need it, I will be very glad to have it. If I ever get lost or injured, the orange color could help search and rescue personnel find me faster too. I took the bivy out of its stuff sack to check it out and when I got inside it, I immediately could feel my body heat being reflected back. I'm 6 foot tall and I was able to lay down and pull it up over my head if I curled up a little and bent my knees. When I lay straight, it easily came up over my shoulders. The bag isn't super roomy, but it does the job. I was able to fold it back up and get it back into the stuff sack, but it took a little time because the material is slippery and it was hard to keep air from getting trapped in the folds. That was probably just poor technique on my part. The material seems fairly tough, but because it is thin I'd imagine that sharp rocks or sticks might poke a hole or rip it, so I wouldn't expect it to stand up to frequent use. But that's not what I bought it for anyway. I'm keeping it for emergency use only and because its only weighs about 4 ounces, I won't mind carrying it with me. The price is reasonable too and won't break the bank if I need to replace it if it got damaged. If you are a hunter, backpacker, or hiker, I would recommend you consider getting this bivy. Put one in your pack and keep it there, because its cheap insurance against hypothermia and might just save your life.

    U***x on Jul 19, 2021

  • It's a space blanket. No more no less. I opened it soon as I got it, got in. I'm 6'4" and 260, it's long enough to reach the top of my head but not long enough to be pulled over to my face. Packing it back into the sack was pretty easy, one person job. I'll keep it in my hiking backpack for "that one time" but for planned over night trips I'm bringing a sleeping bag

    on Sep 12, 2021

  • Had a friend who got a little ambitious with a hike and ended up having to spend the night in the woods. He never actually slept because he was so cold - almost got hypothermia but fortunately didn't. Got home and researched emergency sleeping bags and now throws one into his day pack before every major hike - I decided to do the same.

    K***z on Aug 03, 2021

  • A good piece of gear to keep in your truck or quad while out exploring. It’s a bit thin but would probably work in a pinch

    A***x on Nov 04, 2021

  • I got this for an extreme buyout bag. I can't give higher ratings because i haven't used them. They are for my emergency bug out bag. When I pulled in out of the bag, I was happy with what I saw.

    Z***n on Dec 16, 2021

  • The product is good for what it is an emergency blanket. I don’t believe this could be used multiple times and stay in any kind of good condition. Especially for the type of use that I have for it. I am typically back country and do rely on my heat blanket at night so I don’t have to bring a sleeping bag. I was hoping I’d be a little bit more heavy-duty than it is.

    V***w on Aug 23, 2021

  • Light and seemingly disabled, bought these for our bug out bag, so really hope we don’t have to test them. Quality is great and service just as good. Can’t beat the price.

    Z***h on Dec 02, 2021

  • There ok but as we all know they are really only good for one maybe two time. It will get you out of a hole if you get stuck in a cold weather situation overnight. Expect no more. It’s insurance.

    Z***b on Aug 08, 2021

  • I brought this with me on a recent camping trip having never used a bivvy bag like this before, and it was great! It is so compact and easy to fold up after using, and it does a great job of keeping in the warmth. It also is very roomy, so there's enough room to put your sleeping bag inside for extra coziness. I would recommend a friend get one for themselves before going on a camping trip or sleeping outside, especially because of how compact and lightweight it is when backpacking out to a campsite!

    X***v on Nov 11, 2021

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