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  • Its blade design is very sharp. I think it can remove the top of almost all cans without leaving a sharp bottle mouth. I have used it many times without cutting my hand. Since I bought this can opener, I always take it with me at friends' parties, which greatly improves my drinking experience. I like it very much. Buy it!

    P***a on Jul 30, 2021

  • The quality of the can opener is good, easy to use, but too soft cans are not suitable. The opened cans can be used as small vases for secondary use, which is very good.

    S***n on Aug 01, 2021

  • I have used other types of can openers before, but they are not very easy to use. Since I got this can opener, I can quickly open the tops of various soda cans. It is easy to use, I don't need to use too much power. This product is of high quality and is a wonderful shopping experience.

    A***y on Dec 08, 2021

  • can't leave photos but looks exactly like advertised

    R***n on Nov 19, 2021

  • Love this safe can opener, it works really good. It's very light and very convenient to carry out. I can open my canned drinks anytime and anywhere outside. I like this feeling very much. At the same time, this product is also very safe. It has no sharp place and won't scratch my hand. It is very practical. The small can opener has solved many of my troubles.

    A***p on Dec 19, 2021

  • I like drinking beverages and beer, as well as all kinds of cans. This can opener perfectly satisfies me to enjoy their deliciousness. This bottle opener is very easy to use.It can safely cut off the lid, the edge after cutting is not sharp and will not cut your hands. I recommend this can opener to everyone.

    I***k on Sep 11, 2021

  • I think that with this can opener, the can can be opened easily. It lies comfortably in the hand. I also like to use this topless can opener to open cans. Also the price is suitable. I will definitely buy it again!

    V***v on Aug 21, 2021

  • This thing is fun. I have always taken off the tabs off cans, what's better than that?.... Take the whole top off. This makes drinking anything way easier, and funner. Blades are very sharp, but leave no sharp edges on cans. Constructed well.

    V***O on Aug 01, 2021

  • I received it, it is very convenient and easy to use, most of the cans can be used without any difficulty, it is recommended to buy.

    H***k on Jul 07, 2021

  • It is convenient to use, good in quality and low in price, and practical.

    S***z on Sep 08, 2021

  • Very good product! I'm very satisfied with it, yet thanks for the fast delivery! Perfect quality and very fast delivery! Thank you for the very good services!

    H***j on Dec 23, 2021

  • This is the best can opener I have ever used. Many canned food and some canned drinks in the kitchen are difficult to open. I have tried many ways, but it is very laborious to open it. When I saw this product, I was attracted by its design. I bought it with the attitude of trying, and finally it was unexpectedly easy to use, very reliable and practical, and I liked it very much.

    L***n on Aug 07, 2021

  • A little fiddly to get used to but once you’ve done it a couple of times gets better. Does what it is supposed to and feels robust to last a while.

    K***r on Oct 12, 2021

  • I’ve tried a few of these kinds of tools. Non of them work as good as a normal can opener but that’s an unreasonable expectation. Can opener requires two hands on the tool to operate. I can use this with just one hand while sitting down. Just a little effort and back and forth will take the lid off. Most of the reviews reflect what I’ve seen when I first started using these items. Takes some practice but if it’s not coming off cleanly then it is user error. This product is the best version of the tool I have tried yet.

    D***z on Sep 15, 2021

  • Works really well I really wanted one of these so I am so happy to have it. I used it tonight for a party and it worked wonderfully!

    D***c on Dec 11, 2021

  • Exquisite and practical tool that can open the lid of the can very sharply. The cut part is smooth and has no sharp points. It is also more convenient to drink, without a lot of bubbles. Essential tools for drinking beer.

    K***m on Jul 13, 2021

  • This product, works just as well if not better than advertised. Turns your beer can into a glass. My biggest concern was whether or not the edge left on the can would be sharp and I am happy to see that it doesn’t leave any sharp edges.

    M***t on Jul 07, 2021

  • Everyone loves trying it at family gatherings! Takes some getting used to then works great

    P***i on Aug 27, 2021

  • This can opener is very cost-effective, convenient and quick to use, and is a very useful prop.

    F***e on Nov 30, 2021

  • Good! I like this can opener very much. It is not only cool in appearance, but also very convenient to use. It's a cool item to have when u drink from a can .So far, I have used it many times, and the effect is very good and satisfactory.

    K***r on Oct 26, 2021

  • Excellent item, thank you! Very easy to use and cheap.

    Y***a on Sep 10, 2021

  • Had not checked length, so was a bit surprised at the size, although quite happy with purchase.

    A***s on Aug 30, 2021

  • This is a fun and useful gadget! Ingenious design, suitable for ordinary cans, too hard cans are more difficult to open, but it does not affect the use.

    S*** on Jul 12, 2021

  • Easy to use. No problems taking the top off of the can, but had to go around twice for it to cut the top off.

    I***n on Aug 21, 2021

  • functional product. need more power and skill

    G***r on Dec 21, 2021

  • Will not work on narrow cans

    J***s on Jul 31, 2021

  • This can opener is easy to turn knob which allows for opening all the top of cans with eased.After removing the top, I can choose to turn it upside down or ditch the glass and drink straight from the can.I like this cool feeling.Everyone should have it.

    E***n on Dec 04, 2021

  • Perfect design, super practical, I use it to open the lid of carbonated drinks, the operation is very simple, just need to button and then turn to open, so in the future will not be sprayed by the drink dirty clothes, save me a lot of time to wash clothes, it is really very useful.The hand-held can opener can work completely intuitively, and the can cover can be loosened without any problems. It is a sturdy can opener.

    R***r on Aug 03, 2021

  • Great product. It’s very sturdy and easy to use. Also, it was delivered a day earlier than expected! Very happy with this purchase.

    A***m on Aug 12, 2021

  • This can opener is very good. I need to open the can for my dog. And this works well. I give the bottle opener to my father and he said it is great.You can't believe that how easy it use. Really good quality and does an excellent job.

    S*m on Dec 08, 2021

  • It took me a couple times to figure it out but it is definitely a great product!

    M****a on Aug 31, 2021

  • I don't like to open cans with my hands. The topic of opening cans has always been an annoying topic for me. So I bought this can opener. It does not produce sharp edges when opened, which is really great! Also, I think the price is even cheaper than the usual can opener-definitely worth the money.

    M****l on Aug 21, 2021

  • Decent looking, highly functional, well priced, and the quality is really good. Highly recommended!

    R****t on Oct 10, 2021

  • This is a high-quality can opener at a very reasonable price. This can opener works really well.

    L*o on Sep 10, 2021

  • This can opener can really easily open the top lid of a canned beer bottle, and it has no burrs on the hands. It is very smooth and can directly drink alcohol against the bottle. I have never experienced drinking directly, and it can also open my drink. The top cover, praise

    V****r on Nov 25, 2021

  • This bottle opener meets its own ideal requirements. The topless can opener can be reused to open cans, and the edges become blunt, so the beer can opener will not cut itself again. The go swing is super recommended.

    A***m on Jul 25, 2021

  • Was really surprised how easy it was to open a can. Easy to hold and use. We’ve been using an electric can opener for years now but it’s a hassle at times.

    P*****p on Jul 11, 2021

  • This product has strong practicability. The size of the product is small, but it can effectively open the can. It's very convenient to carry when traveling. I'm satisfied

    L***a on Jul 08, 2021

  • Love it. Super easy to use, works by itself and is safe. The edges end up smooth ~ nothing sharp to cut fingers on

    R****l on Nov 30, 2021

  • The compact can opener works well. So far, there is no difficulty in opening cans, which is a good thing for can openers;) The workmanship is great and it leaves a valuable impression

    S***n on Dec 11, 2021

  • This bare can opener beer can is easy to use, clean, and there is no fuss about cutting paper cans. I am so happy that this cool bottle opener is well done, the camping can opener is easy to use and feels comfortable! It can be carried well and very convenient. I am very satisfied

    H***y on Nov 25, 2021

  • Takes a little practice to get a clean cut. Overall good design and simple to use. The tongs are helpful for fishing out the lid.

    H****a on Aug 07, 2021

  • Open the jar and you will find that the jar no longer has sharp edges, which makes it easy to add ice to the jar. I will recommend it to my friends.

    M****a on Dec 07, 2021

  • When this can opener arrived I put it on the can, the operation was very simple and I couldn't believe it. We have an expensive electric corkscrew, which I struggle with every time I use it, and I have to charge it to use it. With this can opener, electrical products will be thrown in the trash. He easily pierced the pot. Turn the handle and it cuts the top of the pot without resistance. Just plug it in, lift it up and pull it out. Won't slip here. In addition, the durability is also excellent. It is a robust and well made product.

    J***t on Sep 19, 2021

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