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  • Works great, even with a relatively thick case! I also confirmed with a meter that it is quick charging at the maximum 15 watts and sometimes peaking at 17-18 watts. The only difference I could tell is that it is slightly thicker and the magnet seems slightly weaker than Apple’s. These very minor differences are only noticeable if you compare them very closely.

    L***a on Jan 08, 2022

  • This is a great gadget. It’s a small compact charger that magnetizes to your phone so your phone remains equally functional while charging as it would be otherwise. For those of us who are on our phones a lot, having to take a break in order to charge a battery can be very inconvenient.

    M***e on Jan 02, 2022

  • WORTH THE MONEY! I have seen the other iPhone chargers and most of them are overpriced or cheaply made! Buy this to see what everyone is talking about here in the reviews section!!! You won’t regret it!

    A**s on Oct 21, 2021

  • The charger works perfectly with my iPhone 12 even with the silicone case! The magnets on the charger grab the back of the phone in the correct spot and the phone begins charging.

    D***y on Nov 09, 2021

  • I really like this charger and consider it to be a "next generation" charger compared to what I had before. It’s much smaller and magnetic operation is much better!

    A*****e on Oct 07, 2021

  • This works amazingly on my iPhone 12 Pro Max! Great fast charging and I can move my phone around while wirelessly charging it. The quality is amazing!

    J***s on Oct 07, 2021

  • Charger works fine as long as your phone does not have a case with a built-in metal kickstand or pop socket. No metal can be placed on it or it overheats.

    C*****n on Nov 09, 2021

  • I highly recommend this charger to anyone wanting a wireless charger but does not want to spend the big bucks on the name branded one.

    B***y on Nov 20, 2021

  • Easy to use, adhered strongly via a magnet link to the back of the phone and immediately started charging. Hopefully I’ll last long!

    G*****o on Jan 13, 2022

  • I just received this today and am impressed. It works through the Apple silicone skin on my 12 ProMax, and works with Airpod pros.

    B****e on Sep 28, 2021

  • I’m so happy that their charging box is compatible with my iPhone 12. Great price for the quality. Super happy about my purchase.

    L****e on Oct 13, 2021

  • I put it into my overnight bag when traveling. It’s really small and fits in with all the other necessities while traveling.

    B*****e on Dec 17, 2021

  • Sleek form factor. Charges just as fast as the official apple charger. Great price, great purchase! Love it.

    D******k on Oct 05, 2021

  • The magnetic connection is very weak on my iPhone X. The phone barely stays on the magnet.

    W*****m on Oct 20, 2021

  • This is exactly what I have been looking for. It does everything they claim it does.

    S***a on Jan 15, 2022

  • Excellent charger! I like it so much I purchased another as a gift for my dad

    J****a on Sep 06, 2021

  • It is clean and lean. White and aluminum. Great magnetic power.

    A****n on Aug 23, 2021

  • Very plug and play friendly, a good buy and no regrets so far!

    B***y on Sep 14, 2021

  • It works even through a very thick OtterBox case, nice!

    H****d on Jan 04, 2022

  • Very satisfied since it works as said on the description.

    M**y on Dec 28, 2021

  • If you’re on the fence buy this one. It works flawlessly!

    B***t on Oct 30, 2021

  • Very nice alternative to the official apple charger!

    K********r on Dec 31, 2021

  • Great product. Definitely would purchase again!!

    J****n on Dec 23, 2021

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