Modern Hanging Birdfeeder

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  • This feeder works very well and is very attractive.

    A***e on Nov 21, 2021

  • This product is very sturdy and extremely easy to refill.

    B***a on Dec 11, 2021

  • Looks good, easy to load and food stays dry in the rain.

    F***s on Aug 09, 2021

  • The birds love this feeder! Big enough to fit many birds at one time. Great purchase!

    T***y on Nov 07, 2021

  • Love this bird feeder. Beautiful design.

    A***m on Sep 16, 2021

  • This bird feeder is very pretty, plus holds a lot of seed. Very Happy with this purchase.

    L***l on Oct 24, 2021

  • I got this bird feeder for a Christmas gift for my husband-He loves it-It’s very nice looking and the birdies seem to 😍 love it!

    Z***k on Sep 22, 2021

  • Without sounding dismissive.... It's a hanging bird feeder. The birds love it and it stays clean and dry... so it's awesome.

    O***a on Jul 31, 2021

  • It’s a very nice looking bird feeder with a simple design. More sturdy than some plastic or cheaper made feeders I have owned in the past. I expect it to last longer. I haven’t had to clean it yet so I'm not sure how easy that will be.

    P***l on Jul 29, 2021

  • Easy to see from a distance when it's empty. The birds seem to like it, they empty it every morning after I fill it up!! So it's easy to add seed, just lift the top and pour in the seeds. Very attractive feeder, should last without falling apart like my last one did.

    J***k on Jul 18, 2021

  • Great bird feeder. It has wide holes for feed, to hold loose feed and give birds a place to stop. Materials felt great. I highly recommend it!

    S***y on Oct 26, 2021

  • This bird feeder is amazing. It looks great, just like the photo. I have not had any issues with its installation. This thing is STURDY! I’m very happy with this product. Highly recommend it!

    S***m on Nov 27, 2021

  • Really well made, the finish is nice & I love the style. Because of the way the reservoir curves at the top I was somewhat worried when ordering that filling it might be a pain but it's very easy & I like that I can just lift the top and fill it while it’s hanging. Recommend it!

    D***n on Sep 29, 2021

  • Even though this is a small feeder, it is a nice color and material. It is very attractive, and should last a long time. Only drawback is that it is small.

    E***a on Sep 12, 2021

  • This isn't large. But it will be the prettiest feeder you own. I'm very happy with it, easy to load.

    M***a on Oct 12, 2021

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