Mustard Silicone Baby Bib

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  • Super cute and clean up easy. Adjustable fit makes the bib snug around my baby's neck so their clothes dont get dirty, which I love. Would recommend!

    A***y on Nov 28, 2021

  • I only gave four stars because my issue is a personal one. My little man has a head full of hair and these pull his hair when I'm securing these on. I love the prints and these are made very well. Just till his first haircut I will be using a different product.

    N***a on Aug 15, 2021

  • I have a 4.5 month old that just started eating and all of his bibs were stained orange ugh! I can't believe people still purchase cloth ones. I got so many for my baby shower, but now I will only use these. They are great!

    M***t on Jul 22, 2021

  • I really like these. So much better for baby food than cloth bibs. They’re kind of hard to wash with a sponge. You could always just buy some sanitizing wipes and wipe it down to clean it though or just rinse it with hot water.

    H***h on Dec 23, 2021

  • Cute colors, the silicone itself is a bit “sticky”. Almost impossible to put over my daughter with a little hair on her neck without ripping her hair out and buttons are a little hard to close

    B***e on Dec 29, 2021

  • So easy to clean! And that’s really all that matters when you have a baby. They fit nicely and catch the food baby drops. 10/10 would recommend. And I LOVE the simple colors & design

    E***r on Nov 27, 2021

  • This bib is so easy to clean. It has multiple holes in the back to adjust the size so liquid and food doesn’t drop down my sons neck. He doesn’t like keeping his bibs on but he does not try to pull this bib off while eating.

    G***a on Oct 25, 2021

  • The shape of this bib is perfect - it allows baby's arms to move more easily while still catching food and keeping baby clean.

    M***l on Dec 01, 2021

  • These are awesome. Easy to clean, durable and tough. Would definitely recommend.

    T***r on Jan 04, 2022

  • Our granddaughter loves it. It’s easy to clean. Perfect for her to catch her food.

    A***s on Dec 13, 2021

  • Excellent bibs that catch all the stuff you don’t want getting caught in the high chair. Cleans easily. Colors are vibrant.

    N***y on Sep 19, 2021

  • Love these bibs! Easy to clean, easy to snap/button on, and not too heavy for baby. I do a quick hand wash between each Use. No food stains from blueberries or spaghetti.

    J***a on Oct 02, 2021

  • I love this bib. It is so great. Also, they are easy to put on my son and easy to clean. They have many different holes for adjusting the size around his neck. So, that is great too.

    P***p on Sep 26, 2021

  • These bibs are a little lighter than some other silicone bibs. This is a great feature for when your baby is just starting to eat so it doesn’t make the weird ripples some of the other bibs make. I just ordered another set for my 6 month old.

    D***a on Oct 29, 2021

  • These are heavy enough to last. Gave them at a shower and everyone loved the sayings on them!!! They were a big hit!! I loved this kind of bib for my kids when they were little because it is easy to wash off food and use again. Less laundy!!

    A***n on Sep 29, 2021

  • These are great! I would have loved to have had these silicone pocket bibs for my first baby. We've been using these for over six months now. I only ordered one pair and they've held up great. I had expected that the button holes would begin to tear because they are not reinforced but that hasn't been the case just yet. They are easy to clean, too. Sometimes after eating, I just rinse them with hot water and the food and smears come off easily. If the food dries, a little more effort is required. I would definitely buy these again.

    L***y on Oct 31, 2021

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