Talking Hamster Plush Toy

Color: Dark Brown
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  • Perfect my son is happy He has a lot of fun with

    D***a on Dec 12, 2021

  • Hamster is beautiful, funny shakes and repeats words. Nice toy!

    F***r on Aug 09, 2021

  • So lovely and funny!

    K***k on Aug 16, 2021

  • All right, and working properly, the shipment has been super fast. Thank you

    F***s on Oct 02, 2021

  • All OK

    S***v on Nov 02, 2021

  • Pretty nice talking toy. My 3 years old son love it . He always try to talk with it, and treat as a little friend. It has good record system, its voice is high and squeaky. Every time, it repeat what u say, it will move its shoulder. It is so funny. Also, it's hair is soft and comfortable. Just one thing we need to know. The batteries will use fast. So, when u don't want to play. Don't forget turn off power, try to save batteries.

    K***e on Sep 27, 2021

  • This hamster is a very funny toy for children. I like how it repeats whatever you say. It is pretty small and very easy to carry around. It repeats whatever you say or whatever sound sound you make very clearly just like what you said or what sound you just made. My daughter loves to play with it, she brings it almost everywhere and anywhere she goes.

    P***p on Oct 03, 2021

  • I bought this when my son was 2 and he loved it, 2 years later the hamster finally died and i just bought him another one so heres everything you need to know! • There is no volume control and the first unit i had was super loud (the second wasnt as bad), i hated it but my son loved it so not much you can do except wait for the batteries to die amd give it some time in between putting new ones in. • Eats through batteries like no ones business. This is very true so plan ahead and just buy rechargeable batteries. • Very durable, with having the first hamster for 2 years im suprised it held up. My son would drop it all the time and play rough with it and still talked up to the end the motor assembly went out a year prior. • Overall im very happy with this purchase i just wish they would turn it down a bit, theres a lot of complaints about this toy but some people seem to be unpleasable.. its a $12 toy if you expect more then stop being cheap and go spend more on another toy/brand.

    G***a on Nov 14, 2021

  • Just love this toy. Well made. So soft and sweet. Bought it for 2years girl Christmas present, hope she will love it , as I am .

    D******a on Sep 01, 2021

  • I have had so much fun with this hamster, my daughter likes to play with this toy. They work very well and safety for small kids, there are latch and button switch on the bottom.

    S*****k on Dec 28, 2021

  • Little hamster toys for my son! When he's going to cry, I'll come out and cry with him! He did not cry! Instead, he kept looking at the hamster! Then the son smiled! That helped me a lot! But sometimes it scared him because the sound made by hamster is loud. Anyway overall good quality this little hamster! Use three AAA batteries! The operation is easy.

    A***x on Oct 04, 2021

  • I love it! This hamster adorable! Repeats all sounds, can be turned off at any time. My two year old son very loves this hamster

    Q****l on Aug 04, 2021

  • I ordered this as a Christmas gift for my son. Very good item for pretend play and cuddling up to, my son absolutely loved it and takes it everywhere. He likes that whatever you say to the hamster, it repeats it back with a shaking head. Super cute and lots of fun.

    W****m on Aug 19, 2021

  • This little guy is going to be the life of the X'mas party this Christmas

    E*****a on Nov 01, 2021

  • Besides play, the toy can be adapted for developmental activities. My 7-year-old memorizes addition/subtraction facts with it. My 2-year-old enjoys talking to the hamster, which helps with speech development/language acquisition. This is a great toy! It is thoroughly enjoyed by my children.

    R***a on Jan 03, 2022

  • Super duper cute! My kids love it. It can repeat what ever you said and made them laugh loudly

    T**a on Aug 04, 2021

  • We ordered these for our niece and nephew who are toddlers and we put batteries in them to make sure they worked. They do. We were laughing so hard we ordered one for ourselves :) They are adorable, funny and very soft. They are great for all ages.

    Y****a on Nov 14, 2021

  • Hilarious and adorable! Works great!

    J****a on Dec 17, 2021

  • This is a very popular Toy in the past winter(still undergoing). My friends all bought one and recommended it to me. I bought one for my daughter. When it arrived, my daughter cried because she heard toy speaking. We all laughed because of my daughter’s reaction. But she likes to hug the hamster on the second day, still she doesn’t allow to turn it on. Since the fourth day, she loves the hamster so much, always speaks to it and calls the hamster “good friend”. We knew it, and we are glad that my daughter becomes brave. The only one thing is it needs 3 AAA batteries and the item doesn’t include them

    M***l on Sep 27, 2021

  • Loved it!

    S***y on Nov 23, 2021

  • Best thing I ever bought. I bought this for my cats. My husband ended up playong with it instead. Haha

    P***r on Oct 09, 2021

  • Both my there years old girl and ten months old baby love it.

    N***y on Jul 08, 2021

  • Keeps my dog entertained. Barks and goes crazy when it barks back

    C******a on Nov 27, 2021

  • This thing is hilarious and mimics every sound

    X****s on Nov 26, 2021

  • Bought it for my 3-year old boy. He likes it very much!

    G****l on Oct 12, 2021

  • funny lil thing me and wife love it daughter was scared of it at first now she's a little more warmed up to it but still not too much

    L***e on Aug 31, 2021

  • It’s simple but hilarious, it’s best with a crowd of friends.

    M****l on Aug 26, 2021

  • Bought for my nephew for his birthday. He loved it. Very cute. Thinking of buying another one for myself.

    S****h on Dec 28, 2021

  • fun, kids love it

    B****y on Aug 29, 2021

  • this talking hamster is good,it is small and cute, my kids very happy that receives it.

    A******g on Dec 21, 2021

  • My niece LOVED IT,

    M***y on Sep 27, 2021

  • we have 3 and we love these stupid things!

    V****a on Nov 13, 2021

  • good toy

    X****o on Oct 09, 2021

  • Grandson loves it

    F****a on Dec 07, 2021

  • My beautiful grand-daughter, Isla was born in Sept. To me, she is the whole world. I gave her one of these genius toys for Christmas knowing she would need a little time before she grew into it. My son, turns on "Mimi" (hamster's name) recently and Isla's squeals, spits and garbles are bounced back to her. She looks with surprise at Mimi, smiles, then speaks a little more. Soon you have an on-going conversation between Isla and Mimi. It is funny to watch. I will try to add video upon my next visit. Thank you for giving Isla a voice!

    A********a on Jul 13, 2021

  • Talking hamster is so cute. My whole family laugh so hard.

    A***n on Oct 26, 2021

  • My dogs absolutely LOVED this hamster! Both my spouse and I have both gotten many laughs from them when we turn this hamster on and have it repeat what we say.

    D***n on Sep 08, 2021

  • This is a must, I stumbled on this by accident as I was searching for a gift. We were all in tears playing with it and we're all mature adults! lol I ordered 2 more because I wanted one for work and one for a gift but my husband told me he also wants to take one to the office!

    A***a on Aug 14, 2021

  • I bought one for my granddaughter, who loves everything that has fur, for a Christmas gift. I'm sure that she will love it.

    A****t on Dec 31, 2021

  • Construction is very sturdy with solder points covered in glue. This hamster is solidly built. The fur is very soft and it repeats long phrases.

    H***y on Aug 25, 2021

  • You can't bring this one out and have him start mimicking people without a lot of laughs. So just for the laughter, it's well worth it. But idk if it's the best toy for children. Maybe for the good children, not breaking things, yes.

    S***n on Nov 12, 2021

  • I rated only 3 stars on softness, because this toy isn't really meant to be something you "cuddle." It is very soft, but who cares, you know?

    K****n on Dec 12, 2021

  • It's super fun. But sometimes the hamster's voice is not intelligible so you have to make sure to speak clearly and it will repeat full sentences and words

    A****e on Aug 13, 2021

  • I ordered two of these and I will use one for my dementia patients in the nursing home and the other one I will keep in my office at the hospital. It brings lots of smiles. It will literally repeat everything (your laughter, speech, sounds near it) which makes everyone laugh even more.

    M***e on Jan 04, 2022

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