Tea Tree Foot Lotion

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  • Amazing Lotion! Works wonderfully.

    K***a on Dec 15, 2021

  • As described, good effect, lovely smell, big size. Recommend it!

    J***n on Aug 06, 2021

  • Everything about this product is amazing, but I hope someday this lotion will have a small size bottle to keep in my handbag.

    G***d on Aug 30, 2021

  • Love it! Lotion helped me with my problem foot skin. Thank u soooo much!

    F***a on Aug 03, 2021

  • This lotion has done a great job on my feet, especially my heels. Those were rough and ragged, but are getting smoother with every use. I also had some callus areas on my big toe and the ball of my foot, and that is getting better, too!

    A***n on Dec 22, 2021

  • This is an excellent lotion for healing, repairing cracked or very dry heels. I have always dealt with very dry skin on my feet and I was a long time user of this lotion (this is the only lotion I have found that helps keep my feet smooth). Highly recommend it!

    H***h on Aug 26, 2021

  • This cream might be for feet but I use it on my elbows, knees, and some dry, rough spots. As one lady mentioned that suddenly you notice your skin drying out… As I entered menopause, I noticed my body was considerately drier. This lotion works perfectly, it helped me to solve all my problems with dry skin.

    C***e on Jul 31, 2021

  • After having 12 surgeries and 2 months in an external fixator device, I have considerable nerve damage. When my foot is cramping and the nerve endings are firing- Tea Tree Foot Lotion provides relief. The scent is very strong and may not be for everyone. But I'm more interested in pain relief than odor. Definitely recommend it!

    E***a on Nov 01, 2021

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