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  • I am able to throw this far enough for the dog to actually get some great exercise. The only problem is, she is obsessed with it, and I have to hide it until playtime.

    N***l on Jul 11, 2021

  • My dogs love it and I have to keep it in the garage because they go CRAZY 😜 ❗️Bark bark and bark till the ball leaves the handle. I like it because it holds a tennis ball too.

    S***y on Jul 08, 2021

  • Grabs tight, launches far

    L***n on Dec 21, 2021

  • Love this one

    S***y on Jan 03, 2022

  • I have very small dogs that love to play fetch. They can’t use the regular tennis balls because they are way too big. This is just perfect for her

    O***a on Nov 01, 2021

  • I haven't had a problem in grabbing a ball or launching one. My dog loves playing fetch, my arm doesn't hurt after a long session and we're both quite content with this.

    F***e on Nov 11, 2021

  • I love it, but here's why it loses 1 star: The main color on their ball- orange. And a color dogs can't see-? orange. My dog does way better tracking the blue ball (dogs DO see blue), but maybe yours will be just fine with the orange one that comes with it. Anyway, I love, love, love this product!

    K***y on Jul 09, 2021

  • Game changer! No more gross saliva and dirt hands. Also I am able to throw the ball much farther for my dog who loves playing fetch. My elderly parents use this product with ease

    W***y on Oct 08, 2021

  • The days of dirty hands are forgotten!

    S***l on Sep 18, 2021

  • Love the ergonomic design and the colors

    J***e on Aug 08, 2021

  • Throws it really far away

    A***r on Nov 14, 2021

  • Been using this one days upon days, still did not loosen

    A***d on Nov 15, 2021

  • The ball is just the right size for my dog

    L***d on Nov 02, 2021

  • Easier to use and launches the ball further, don't necessarily like the shape of the handle, wish it was rounder and softer but still a great product

    B***y on Oct 22, 2021

  • I love that the supplier warned that this is for small dogs only. This would really be a choking hazard for middle to big dogs

    N***d on Sep 15, 2021

  • Durable handle and high-quality ball for that price?? Awesome

    C***y on Sep 21, 2021

  • This worked well for a day before I left it where my Rottweiler puppy could find it and completely destroyed it in about 5 minutes, LOL. I still gave durability 4 stars because there's nothing that stands up to that.

    R***n on Oct 14, 2021

  • You’d need some time to get used to it but once you’re done, it’s a great product

    L***y on Dec 28, 2021

  • Recommend

    S***d on Oct 08, 2021

  • Great product

    J***e on Nov 30, 2021

  • Will buy again for my friend's dog

    B***y on Nov 09, 2021

  • Keeps my hand clean and makes game more enjoyable

    L***y on Dec 02, 2021

  • I bought this mainly so I don't have to touch muddy/slimy tennis balls anymore. I wanted a thrower that would easily fit in my bag, and this was the perfect size for me. My dog loves fetch but she isn't a big chewer, so she hasn't damaged the included ball whatsoever. If your dog likes to chew at all, you may need to consider getting a durable rubber ball in addition to this. The price is definitely worth it for the launcher itself; I can throw further with much less effort.

    T***m on Sep 29, 2021

  • Really easy to use

    K***n on Dec 27, 2021

  • Amazing

    Y***a on Sep 06, 2021

  • Let me confess- I wasn't the sports kid and I never learned to throw well. But THIS THING!!?? I can throw the ball half a football field. My little fur-ball adores this and we play every day that the weather is clear- hot or cold.

    M***y on Oct 22, 2021

  • Our pug learned from watching other dogs to play fetch while we were traveling. So we realized she needed a ball of her own. We bought the two pack of supplemental balls that are smooth and easy to clean, and the ball that comes with this (more like a tennis ball) has become her indoor ball. The handle is great for launching the ball, and the shorter handle means it won't launch too far for her to run. IF you have a dog who loves to fetch, this is a great toy to have. We literally have to show her that we put it away or else she will obsess about it, because she loves it so much. We used to think food was her favorite thing, but a promise of going out and throwing the ball is her greatest joy besides the ocean.

    H***d on Sep 10, 2021

  • My dog loves to play fetch with the ball, so we often go to parks to do it. So often, in fact, that my hands are starting to give up on me. I’ve had this pop up in my recommendations recently and decided to give it a try. My review after a month of using it: 5 out of 5. This made playtime so much easier. No more dirty hands and tired hands! I love that it has the crevices for fingers, also it grips the ball tight. I also love the ball that comes with it – it now looks very used but it’s still usable! Definitely recommend.

    D***s on Jan 03, 2022

  • Amazing product, made the playtime with my dog so enjoyable. The thing I hated about it was that you have to pick up the ball from the ground which could be wet and dirty or covered in dog saliva. And I am a germaphobe, but my dog loves it so much that I had to just deal with it. Now there’s no such problem! The ball thrower makes it easy to throw and pick up, the hole for the ball grips the ball firmly. And because it’s flexible it makes the ball fly far away, making it more fun for the dog.

    M***o on Sep 29, 2021

  • This is a great ball thrower. I have problems with my arms which make it harder for me to pick up and throw stuff with force, so my dog is always bored because I throw it not far enough. But this is a game changer! The handle is flexible and makes it easy to throw the ball, the crevices at the end of the handle for fingers are comfortable. The pit for the ball is strong and grabs the ball tight but not so tight that it’s hard to release. The handle is long enough so it’s easy to pick the ball up from the ground without bending too much.

    M***y on Nov 02, 2021

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