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  • I ordered this keyboard because it matches my setup perfectly. Just plugin the keyboard and it works! This keyboard has many great LED functions and does all the things promised. The buttons have a deep travel which I personally like most. But has a softer noise than most mechanical gaming keyboards. That is why I love it! This keyboard does not support "Aura Sync'' which would have been even more fantastic if it does, but nevertheless for this price it is an amazing product. I recommend buying it.

    W****y on Nov 06, 2021

  • I am not a gamer, so I don't need anything too complicated, but I do spend a lot of time on the keyboard and value a responsive, nice to the touch keyboard. I really wanted a keyboard that didn't require so much real estate on the desk, and more importantly, was also backlit, which is a feature my eyes cannot live without any more. This keyboard not only meets those requirements but it also feels incredibly solid. It is relatively heavy, which along with its design, makes it stay put on the desk no matter what.

    F***a on Nov 10, 2021

  • It hits everything I want. The price is reasonable. The look is crisp, clean, and neat. Even the logo is minimalist and not obnoxious. The base is heavy and not going to move on you. Easily the heaviest keyboard I have owned. It has backlighting that can be controlled with variety and can even be turned off completely.

    R*******e on Aug 25, 2021

  • One minor annoyance is that the key switches are sometimes easy to pull out, and sometimes incredibly difficult. It can vary from one key to the next. Every key switch position might be difficult or hard to pull out depending on variances with each cutout or switch.

    S***t on Oct 25, 2021

  • Semi mechanical keyboard. I’m quite satisfied with the way it feels, however the letters printed on the keyboard are barely visible without backlight

    A**e on Jan 14, 2022

  • It's a really cheap option if you want to get a nice keyboard. But of course it won't be as good as the expensive ones so i guess it's worth the price!

    D***y on Jul 27, 2021

  • The space key makes a little too much noise but apart from that the keyboard is very beautiful and classy, and remains very pleasant to touch.

    A**x on Jul 25, 2021

  • Item came in good condition and the quality is just like those expensive keyboards! Just that this is WAY cheaper

    L***y on Nov 26, 2021

  • This keyboard is solid, heavy duty, and a worthy keyboard for gaming, writing, or anything else in-between.

    M****n on Dec 03, 2021

  • All in all very happy with the build quality, mechanical switches, sound, lighting, heavy metal base, etc.

    L***a on Sep 05, 2021

  • Great typing experience with good audible keystrokes but not annoying, perfect balance I would say.

    G**g on Jul 24, 2021

  • So far so good. All keys and backlight options are functioning properly. Great deal for this price.

    D****l on Sep 21, 2021

  • This keyboard is cool! It looks like mechanics, but it's a membrane.

    P***o on Nov 01, 2021

  • I've had my keyboard for a few days now and it feels awesome! :D

    S***y on Jan 13, 2022

  • Looks nice and solid!

    M******h on Oct 18, 2021

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