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  • It's small and it promotes sleep.I used to get up at night and go to the bathroom and not be able to sleep.Since using it, I always sleep at ease, but sometimes my heart is not quiet, want to check the phone, so Now I always listen to it to sleep at ease!If you suffer from insomnia, I recommend it!

    M***m on Sep 14, 2021

  • I did a lot of research in order to find the best white noise machine for my first purchase, and this was my decision.It got a lot of vibes based on the fan and switching controller which gives the noise a depth. For the light sleepers, It can change to wind sound that fantasticly imitated the natural wild field wind and the night sky. Really gives a home nature environment. Being able to fall into a long night sleep was a god's gift, and thanks to the extraordinary white noise machine I'm once again visiting my lost dreamland.

    U***r on Sep 06, 2021

  • Very cool thing, it helps us to put the baby down!

    N***y on Sep 22, 2021

  • Sounds quality is ok, but not awesome

    B***a on Dec 12, 2021

  • I don't need it

    K***O on Sep 15, 2021

  • Good sound quality, the battery lasts for a long time, melodies and sounds are realistic and pleasant. Can take

    E***v on Sep 13, 2021

  • it looks like picture and coresponds with the description. Works nicely :)

    J***S on Sep 16, 2021

  • got this to use for my daughter when she arrives in september. so i haven’t gotten use out of it yet. but the sound gets loud which i love and it can be adjusted. the little light is a nice touch as well.

    Р***о on Sep 06, 2021

  • I just received the machine today and already love it! There are so many sound options to choose from. There are some unique ones. I wish the nature and lullabies were split up, but it is still a good deal.

    O***b on Aug 06, 2021

  • I’ve only had this product for a few days. I got it to put in my daughters room hoping to keep her in her room longer at night. It can get loud but the volume is easily adjustable.

    K***l on Nov 01, 2021

  • I've been borrowing a white noise machine from my brother-in-law to help my baby sleep.

    S***e on Dec 20, 2021

  • Nothing negative to mention about it.

    D***k on Jul 25, 2021

  • The price is awesome for such a nice unit.

    B***m on Aug 01, 2021

  • I took one star away since I don't really like the white noise setting... the ocean/wave setting sounds more like white noise to me and is much more pleasing!

    J***n on Sep 08, 2021

  • The variety of sounds are great and it is decently loud

    D***n on Nov 03, 2021

  • This is a great, lightweight, surprisingly good-sounding white noise machine.

    F***l on Aug 26, 2021

  • This white noise machine helps to tone down vehicle sounds and give us a more restful sleep.

    V***m on Aug 15, 2021

  • Well made and cute white noise machine. I got it for my baby and he likes it.

    K***n on Aug 23, 2021

  • I use this EVERY night!

    D***n on Sep 18, 2021

  • It blocks out my kids stomping down the stairs, my neighbors kicking and snoring, and all other sleep-disturbing noises.

    S***n on Jul 21, 2021

  • The volume control button is so easy to use and gets quite loud for a tiny speaker box. I was very impressed.

    S***a on Oct 04, 2021

  • hard buttons with loud click-needs to be a softer button push

    K***d on Dec 17, 2021

  • This is a great little white noise/sound machine for the money.

    G***n on Nov 11, 2021

  • the white noise setting is a bit high pitched. A deeper/more rumbling brown noise would really be preferable

    F***d on Jan 02, 2022

  • The sound machine sounds great, and the battery lasts 12 hours if the volume is low and the light isn’t on. I am happy with it at this point.

    A***j on Nov 30, 2021

  • This little white noise machine is so cute. It not only looks nice but ita super easy to use and it's super practical. My children enjoy the a lullaby sounds best. This white noise machine has become part of our night time routine. I will say the fan sounds are a bit off or maybe it's the bass. Other than that we really love this little sound machine.

    F***p on Nov 26, 2021

  • I have gone through many different white noise machines and this is by far the BEST!

    D***m on Nov 25, 2021

  • Got this for my 1 year old son for when we travel. It’s a lifesaver and I’d definitely order again, even given a couple flaws. Cons: volume - I feel like it’s loud. The lowest volume is too low, but going one up seems like a big jump. Doesn’t seem to be too loud for my son though so it works.

    D***m on Sep 02, 2021

  • My wife has a very hard time falling asleep. She has multiple fans running and she cannot go to sleep without it. I don't like the fans running which makes my respiratory system dry and allergies. This machine does the same noise without the wind and its a Win Win for both. Love that it has so many noise options and a timer. I really recommended for anyone who has issues falling asleep.

    D***e on Dec 19, 2021

  • I have a hard time falling asleep at night. I thought maybe a sound machine would help and I read a ton of reviews. So we got this little machine and it is great. I listen to the ocean waves to go to sleep and i find i am falling asleep much more quickly, so for me this was a great investment. I will take it on trips. it has a cute bag to put it in for travel. happy with purchase. would recommend

    A***b on Aug 28, 2021

  • Very easy to use, worked so well. I purchased a 2nd one.

    L***o on Jul 19, 2021

  • I love it. It's cute

    S***n on Sep 25, 2021

  • This white noise machine has been great!! I’m a very light sleeper and my boyfriend is a very loud individual. This little machine frowns out his banging doors, slamming the microwave shut, the TV, etc. I am actually able to get a good nights rest on the days that I have to work early in the morning.

    F***m on Aug 18, 2021

  • We use this daily and nightly.

    D***n on Oct 21, 2021

  • I've had about 4 different models of white noise machines so far. My important things that I look for are how loud it is, that it plays all night, and that there is battery backup (Nothing worse than a power outage and your child wakes up in the middle of the night when the sound goes off). I haven't used this one for very long yet but it does play all night and has battery backup. The sound could definitely be louder but it's okay. I've had such a hard time finding the perfect white noise machine. I wouldn't say this is it, but it'll do for now. I will update this review further if I have any problems as I use white noise all night every night!

    D***m on Sep 13, 2021

  • This noise machine is amazing I for one am one of the people who sleep with a fan on all the time just for the noise. Also I love the sound of rain it always puts me to sleep as well this machine does it all. I love this machine it works great.

    L***w on Nov 16, 2021


    S***b on Nov 11, 2021

  • So far so good!!!

    S***r on Aug 16, 2021

  • it sounds very good.

    L***s on Oct 16, 2021

  • very great product!

    B***d on Aug 16, 2021


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